Our Facilities

Ranked among the biggest ship repair yards in the world.


The yard also includes a total of six large well-equipped workshops inside the yard including state-of-the-art and high-tech equipment.

  • Pipe & Outfitting
  • Electric shop
  • Machinery shop
  • Hull shop
  • Blasting & Painting shops
  • Cryogenic shop

The workshops are equipped with the latest fabrication machines for newbuilding and repair operations. The latest steel CNC, Oxy and Plasma cutting machines for cutting, welding and preparation for steel sections are included. All welding operations are carried out to the highest levels of QA and QC welding activities.

In the pipe ship there are pipe/cutting and bending, threading, grinders, bevelling cutting and portable manually-operated cold cutting, pipe cutting machines and welding machines.

The electrical shop comprises the necessary equipment to carry out repairs on all electrical and electronic equipment on-board ship. The workshop works in co-operation with on-board repair and maintenance operations. All types of balancing and calibration operations are carried out to the highest international standards.

Blasting and painting operations at ODC are carried out at the highest standards. Blasting (down to SA2.5) of hulls and cargo holds/tanks is carried out to the highest levels of international standards and to the specifications of all the major paints and coatings manufacturers. For the hull, all types of anti-fouling, including silicone-based coatings can be applied.

In the machine shop, all machining operations are available to carry out repairs to all items of mechanical equipment. The machines include lathes, drills and grinders suitable for the largest items of equipment including shafts.

The hull shop can supply steel renewals for general repair operations as well as large scale steel structures/modules for projects such as conversions, lengthenings etc.

The Cryogenic shop is available for the specialist clean repair of pumps and valves from LNG tankers, the shop approved by GTT (the world’s leading LNG containment system licensee).