At ODC the Safety is always First !


In accordance with applicable legal statutory regulations and requirements, we have adhered with all necessary requirements to accomplish and sustain our operations to be environmentally responsive, ensuring that the precious environment is well protected.

We are strongly committed to adopt with the finest Environmental Management Practices in compliance with the regulations of Ministry Of Environment and Climate Affairs [MECA]. In order to achieve our environmental goals we have built several in-house environment facilities such as:

  • Incinerator Plant to burn all appropriate wastes
  • Sewage Treatment Plant to treat arising sewage prior to disposal
  • Blasting Copper Slag Recycling Plant to recycle used blasting copper slag minimizing the exposure of copper slag wastage to the environment
  • Chemical Treatment Plant to treat the residual contaminated liquids prior to disposal
  • Slop and Sludge Treatment Facility to receive and process the slop and sludge from the vessels, and Temporary Hazardous Waste Storage Facility to preserve all other hazardous wastages until further arrangement for processing and disposal.

In order to have a precise data of the environmental effects of our activities, periodic monitoring surveys are conducted by a specialized environmental consultant. Samples of sea water and sediments are analyzed in addition to enable correct settings of equipment to measure the pollutants level in the atmosphere. Noise level is also measured. A comprehensive report of monitoring results are sent to MECA.

Employees’ awareness of the importance of environment conservation is raised by conducting environmental activities such as beach clean-up and tree planting campaigns in addition to celebrating Oman Environment Day, Earth Hour and other environmental events.

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