At ODC the Safety is always First !

Fire and Rescue

We have a comprehensive Emergency Preparedness Plan to effectively respond to any emergency situations such as fires, accidents and oil/chemical spills during our operations. Identification of hazards, origination of emergency preparedness plans, and adequate training exercises are essential to manage all emergency situations professionally and timely. Periodic drills are conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of our emergency preparedness plans. Our emergency procedures are reviewed based on the outcome of the drills conducted.

We are well-equipped with hi-tech fire engines, command cars, ambulances, a fully organized Emergency and Primary Healthcare Clinic facility with appointed Ministry of Health (MOH) licensed full-time doctor and nurses, administrative staff, all located in the yard. The clinic consists of all basic medical facilities such as a Consultation Room, Treatment Room (which includes Electro Cardio Gram (ECG), Defibrillator, Multipara Vital Monitor, etc.), well-arranged Observation and Casualty Ward Room and other essential emergency apparatuses to manage all kinds of emergency situations promptly. In addition to emergency, first-aid and casualty medical aid for both ODC employees and all visitors in-yard (customers, contractors, superintendents, crew, etc.) the center is also responsible for Occupational Health Management issues on a company-wide level.

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