At ODC the Safety is always First !

HSE Commitment

We shall manage our business in accordance with the statutory requirements and world-class standards of Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) to safeguard all of our valuable employees, contractors, the public, and others who are directly involved in the shipyard operations We shall execute our day-to-day activities with a one team and one family culture to succeed and sustain a hazard-free workplace at all times.

HSE Policy Statement

  • To pursue the goal of no harm to people and no property damage.
  • To meet and exceed all applicable Health, Safety & Environmental Laws and Regulations during our operations.
  • To achieve continual improvement in HSSE Performance.
  • To ensure that all our business practices are aligned with our HSE policies and goals.
  • To minimize the environmental impact of our operations by conserving natural resources, eliminating wastes, reusing and recycling materials and responsibly managing energy use.
  • To motivate and prepare all employees to take personal accountability for protecting the environmental, H&S programs and procedures.

HSE Objective

  • To satisfy and fulfill the needs of our valued customers and to improve the value of our services to them by ensuring that our business practices are in line with world-class standards of HSE procedures.
  • To provide and sustain a safe and healthy working environment to safeguard all employees through training, educating, and close surveillance of the workforce, as well as incorporating a system of periodic checks and review on the existing working procedures.

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