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Training and Development

Training and Development recognizes the importance of a qualified workforce in order to remain competitive, bring about awareness of current practices in the industry and for improving the productivity and profitability of ODC.

This requires constant and continuous upgrading of knowledge and skills of the workforce through in-house, overseas, on the job training and through classroom training. The employees are giving opportunity to attend seminars, business conferences or short courses.

The main aim of ODC is to develop and encourage staff to make the best use of their capabilities in contributing to the business.

On Job Training

The On Job Training (OJT) funded program under the National Project program is sponsored by Oman Ministry of Manpower. OJT trainees are provided with a special program to follow, which needs to be singled out for each stage of the program before being certified as an aid-to-work and assigned into each department.

The OJT programs include periods of OJT Training indispersed with classroom lectures. This ensures that the theoretical part of the program complements the practical application at the workshop.

Health Safety Security and Environment Awareness Program

The ODC's health and safety programs undergo practice to raise employee awareness of the potential dangers they face. It’s an important part of preventing injury and illness in the workplace. The HSSE department of ODC offers health programs are there to help employers and employees understand the potential hazards they are exposed to on a daily basis. Effective health and safety programs educate workers on the benefits of practicing proper workplace behaviors. For example, the “Safety Pays” program helps employers determine the cost workplace injuries and illness have on a company’s profit margin. When companies understand the impact injuries have on their bottom line, they are more inclined to implement programs to keep their workers healthy and safe.

In-house Training

Training and Development keep running several programs, special upgrading courses to meet both ODC’s needs and those responsible for employee’s performance.


Being a successful player in the industry, ODC undertakes an all-out effort to impart technical training in welding, pipe fabrication and forklift operation. Most of our welders are certified with professional welding classifications such as AWS, ABS and NDT.

Non-Technical Management Program

We in ODC believe that as a part of a speedy Omanization plan, management training has been taken place to Omani managers, supervisors, foremen and other staff. Management Training includes all aspects of modern management and techniques as well as people and skills needs.

English Language

An effective communication creates a good ambience and relationship between employees in any organization. ODC is always keen on enriching the knowledge and skills of the employees in their respective fields. Therefore learning the English Language for effective communication in the workplace continues to be a top concern for the management. The Training & Development wing of Human Resources Department (HRD) is fully equipped to provide exclusive training programs tailored to meet the special needs of the employees and local institutes are being utilized for this purpose.

Professional Seminars, Conferences and other Membership

In order for the employees to cope with today’s rapid changes in technology and business practices, ODC pays employees to attend professional seminars, conferences and exhibitions. These are programs sponsored by association or institutions through which employees are exposed to information, studies and development within their field of expertise.

Scholarship and Education Assistance

ODC always recognizes the need to develop certain high potential employees
Scholarship: this program focuses on building ODC’s future leaders. An Education Development program is available to employees with high potential to complete their higher education program.
Education Assistance: We, in ODC Training and Development Center recognize that employees will want to develop themselves with the understanding that a better educated individual will enhance the human resources of the Company. Financial support is given for employees to participate in recognized local Colleges and University. Government Sponsored Program (Ministry of Higher Education) - this opportunity is given to employees who are able to meet the criteria of MHE.

Career Development

The company is taking care of building future leaders through training and development in coordination with line managers. Identification of talent and exploiting the potential of the employees is part of the program in shaping the building of the future leaders in the industry.


ODC offers internships to students with educational backgrounds in Mechanical, Electrical, Information Technology, and Management. We also offer a limited number of internships for students with backgrounds in other disciplines. The duration of internships is between 2 to 3 months. Students are given assistance for developing their projects.

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