Supply Chain Management

Commitment to Excellence

Registration Overview

Through our Vendor Registration Process we capture and manage essential information about potential and existing suppliers.

This includes:
  • To ensure that our engagement with our supply chain is consistent with our General Business Principles and meets our technical, quality, environmental, health, and safety requirements.
  • To allow us to search for qualified vendors in a consistent and transparent manner.

Suppliers wishing to do business with us should complete our online Vendor Registration process. This includes the submission by either soft, scanned, or hard copy of:

  • Commercial registration / Chamber of Commerce & Industry documents
  • Authorization Certificates
  • Company profile (catalogue / brochure)
  • Organizational Chart
  • Financial Status (last 3 years)
  • H.S.E. Policy
  • Introduction of Products
  • After-Sales Service Network
  • Performance Records

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